Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Of Birthmoms, TteokGuk, and Metric Measurement

For the last year, amid major career changes, return to academia, theoretical homelessness/construction, and the trying throes of toddlerhood, we have been privileged (ahem) to have lead after lead of potential baby #2.  Mia's adoption had been so smooth... She almost literally fell into our laps!  We were certain that round two would surely be a gloriously similar experience. I thought that in the baby-getting arena (biologically) I had maxed out my difficulty quota and our gathered babies wouldmake their way to us easily.  I haven't said out loud that I am grateful for the heartbreaks we've had while trying to grow our family and I don't think I ever will.  I have sincerely loved these girls with whom I get to anticipate life--and I've loved the babies.  So, since we are dealing with real people and some of the strongest of human emotions, each of these losses will always hurt. But I am grateful that I have seen what I can do regardless of hard stuff...not just once, but over and over again.

Now you have my disclaimer for being shy of documenting any hopeful (but potentially tragic) events.  Having no record of the experience makes for a much less difficult recovery.  Alas, I made the realization as I was driving our sweet birthmother, Su, home from today’s prenatal check that nearly all of our inner (and outer!) social circles are very aware of Su’s growing belly size, her purpose here, and our little family’s BIG hopes, because they see her every Sunday.  So there is no reason to keep it quiet, right? And although our entire social circle does not (I hope!) solely consist of ward or family members, here’s the scoop for the rest of it. Su made her way to us from Korea in November and is staying here with our dear friends until baby (girl) arrives and she has time to recuperate.  She met birthfather, Anthony, during a summer internship in Michigan (he is African- American btw, so we are thinking this baby has got it made when it comes to beautiful genes!)

We get to be an ultramulti-cultural group now which will add so much more spice to our whole family’s lives.  To our delight, Su has been giving us a crash-course in Korean culture while she’s here!  Just last weekend was Chinese New Year (which Koreans also celebrate), and while Su’s mom was making it on the other side of the world, Su and her friend, Jihye, Americanized the same thing for us here.  

Jihye & Su whipping up someTteokGuk (Ricecake Soup)

So, as far as centimeters go (she's been at 4 for a week), circumstances are right for this baby to make an appearance any day now. I am down to 8 boxes of non-essentials yet to unpack in our new house. All the good stuff (i.e. really small outfits) is clean and folded in a new dresser.  Despite the fact that Mia previously wore most of the clothing and used most of the toys, pulling them out of storage with the anticipation of the little warm body to be their inheritor is far better than Christmas!

Baby's 3-D Ultrasound: Can you believe how much detail is in this photo?!
She is posing contemplatively...


i'm jackie. he's doug. said...

Woo hoo!!!! This is wonderful news. I love seeing your family grow!

Ashley said...

Yay! That is awesome! Congrats!

Halsey said...

Oh Ashie! I am SO excited for you and hope and pray that this time everything works out! No more heartbreaks for a while!

Amiee said...

So awesome Ashley! You inspire me!

Kelli Rocha said...

Prayers and blessings to all of you. Thank you for sharing. Please know we're rooting for you!