Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June's Top 10

Radiant at her post-sealing celebration:

Snugging with G Gma Heinz & big sis:


Trying out some rice cereal (while advertising for our insurance company):

THIS is a rarity because dad's alarm goes off at 4:30am and the girls only make their way into bed with mom just after he takes off for his wicked long run (EVERY day of the week).  
Each morning, I lie hoping with all my might that his raucous isn't followed by the pitter-patter of Mia's feet, the slamming of her own door and reckless opening of mine, and then June's subsequent yell after such a rude awakening.  
I am hardly ever appeased.


A few weeks ago, I set June down mid-feeding to do something urgent.  I left the bottle on her tummy and when I came back I found that she had helped herself.  It scared me.

June's eyes are so dark, her pupils are camouflaged--  they look like big, juicy black olives!

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Halsey said...

Love the olives!