Tuesday, June 26, 2012

She's Three!

Mia had a FULL birthday. 
She woke up to a yummy breakfast and overly enthusiastic Mom.
Here she is making her birthday crown (after getting her birthday bath and hair-do):

Then we met Gma R & Aunt Mary at the mall for some long-awaited ear piercing.  Her cousin had hers done a few months ago and Mia has been fascinated by earrings and earring wearers ever since.  I figured that if she is that conscious of them, then I suppose we can go for it!  I had built it up so much, however, and asked her so frequently, "are you sure you want holes in your ears?  It is going to hurt!" that when it came down to piercing time, she was totally traumatized before they even made contact with her ears.

Here she is super wary during the before prep and still feeling a little concerned afterward.  

But then all was well again when Gma took her to the food court for some greasy "Pamba Bear Express."
  Reveling over her fun gifts from Gma R:

Then after a long trip to Toys-R-Us during Dad's work break, 
we met some more family at the park where Gma K arrived in pomp and grandeur with Mia's new wagon:

Mia's strawberry ladybugs on some tasty (and relatively healthy) Chocolate Cupcakes with Mint "leaves:"

 Whew!  We were both pooped by the end of of the day, so I suppose it was a success!
Here is pre-nighttime modeling of her new climbing harness while sitting amid the rest of the spoils (the indoor appropriate spoils, at least). 

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