Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July the Fourth

Because of the holiday, we got to have Dad ALL to ourselves for the entire day (rare). 
We used up every minute of it! 
After a glorious morning hike with Mom R, we attended a ward breakfast, squoze in a big shopping trip for our upcoming camp out, and embarked on a journey to test Mia's new climbing harness.  Although he won't admit it, I think David now has nightmares about eternally hauling this caravan + equipment up the side of a mountain (which he did without complaint):

When we reached the sumit, Dad obliged to lead climb the rope to the top for the waiting ladies:

Object lesson:
harnessing = more freedom
We have observed that kids and extreme sports (i.e. down-hill skiing & climbing) mesh well because 1. ignorance of potential fatality removes inhibition and 2. body mass to muscle ratio is probably 1:1 

                             That afternoon, we had a 4th of July BBQ with our favorite neighbors 
(who had just slaughtered their pet pig, so our meal had some Easter-like faire).  
Our normally conspicuous white house doesn't look so obtrusive from their vista on the hill.    

Mia prefers the company of rowdy boys...especially when they are five years her senior.  We haven't decided how to feel about this as far as her future is concerned, but for the mean-time, it is highly entertaining  to watch her hold her ground against the opposite sex:

Following our BBQ, and equipped with headlamps and camping chairs, we hiked our families up to our usual look-out to get a triple source fire work show from neighboring towns. 

Jarom provided intermittent light shows, much to Mia's envy:

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