Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Priest Weekend

Last weekend we got to spend some time at David's childhood vacation arena and our favorite camping spot.  The area is rich with fabulous hikes, swimming, biking, waterfalls, and all sorts of exploration just waiting to be done!

It was also June's inaugural visit.  
She is always a good sport.

Ready to finally try out last Christmas' gift: 
Mia's very own sleeping bag (and sleep-saver for mom & dad).

 David's traditional head-dunking session at Paradise springs(water temp=32.5 degrees): 

 Happy Hikers! 

 June & Gma R wading in the bay:

Mia got her first taste of tubing with mom. I remember enjoying it MUCH more when I was younger...

Somehow, Mia managed to read a book to June during this bumpy bike ride while June looked worried the duration of the excursion.

Grandpa let Mia drive the boat (literally) for a full half-hour. Even his adult sons don't get that privilege.

 June loved the boat, but did not love the life jacket...especially because her cheeks wouldn't allow the top closure to function.


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Halsey said...

The pic of Mia reading to June is priceless. What a great, fun, gorgeous family you have.