Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mia's Top 10

Our naughty dog has redeemed herself by tolerating endless hours of submission to Mia's whims:

Izzy's not the only one who has fallen prey to Mia's charms.  
Much to her delight, Uncle Ethan has often sacrificed his scalp to hair-time and tiara:

While at the zoo last week, Mia developed an attachment to this little puffin.  
Certain that he was fully involved in the game she thought they were playing together, she kept squealing each time he would respond the way she'd predicted. 
On the other hand, the giant blind walrus who kept slamming his girth into the glass and the creepy octopus in a neighboring exhibit really freaked her out (and probably exasperated the "there's a snake in my bed" nightmare she's been having).

On Aunt Arianna's horse, "Lady:"

Mia got to take swimming lessons with cousin "T" last month. 
Here she is in her cycloptic monster swim cap preparing for a round of "motor boat, motor boat!"

Mia, attired in her "swimming eyes," initiates an irritated June to her pool:

 Zooming toy vehicles around the carpet with Dad:

Building a mountain in the sandbox with Nemo and Nedeja (birthmom's son and sis).  
Mia is always pleased (and says so!) to look around and see friends that match her "brown skin, chocolate." She has told me a couple of times and in a patronizing voice [as if to say, "it's okay that you have pasty white skin and straight, stringy hair because...] "Mommy's eyes are brown skin, chocolate, and mommy's eyebrows are black like Mia's!"

Mia had a week of Annie obsession.  Here is her interpretation of the theme song:

The best part of toddlerhood is witnessing language development. I am constantly being entertained by Mia's funny pronunciation attempts and word misuse:


Katie Chandler said...

LOL! I am laughing out loud at work. So glad you caught hippopotamus on camera :) AND that's the most amazing swim cap I've ever seen!

Parker and Alexis said...

love the hippenahhamus.

Maura said...

How cute! Broadway here she comes!

Halsey said...

The hippana-hamus! LOVE.

summer Findley said...

I love this.

Charlene said...

Oh my goodness! Hippina-hannamus adorable