Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Southern Idaho Crusade

I was feeling brave earlier this month, and hauled my girls to southern Idaho for a great-grandparent visit.  I am one of the lucky few with four very alive and fabulous grandparents, 
and my girls get the privilege of multi-generational love!

My great-grandpa's farm belonged to his father who had settled here from Germany.  He built the little house on it where his son and grandson were both born (literally) and raised. I have fond memories here of my dear great-grandparents who were both worthy of lots of praise.  They were hard-working and frugal, devoted to family and the gospel, and really smart. Mia's (Amelia's) name landed on her because, more than it's inherent niceness, it was my great-grandma's middle name and it is filled with good connotation.  I guess it's etymology is also (appropriately) associated with the German word for "industrious."

Rather than using a sprinkler to water their expanse of grassy yard, they and their children (i.e. my grandfather) have always watered with the local canal (which runs along their property line) by "flooding" the yard once a week.  As a little girl, it was a treat for me to be in town while the flooding was going on--like a giant wading pool.  Mia got to experience it while we were visiting! 
The prop she's holding is a piece of rhubarb she'd stolen from her cousin, Eli...

Great Gma Heinz in her new kitchen & girls

on the local merry-go-round:

June getting to know her great-gpa:

Eli gets to have this fun paved path along the canal in his Idaho town.  
Here he is with Mia cruising the strip.

One cannot go to Gma & Gpa Harmon's  house without getting a good dose of literature.  

Gpa Harmon gifted these bubbles to help entertain Mia during our visit. Good choice!  

Our adventure was challenging (8+ hours of lonely mom & girls in the car is not what I consider vacation), but the trek was well-worth it!

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