Monday, September 10, 2012

B & B 4 Eva'

We have been elated this month over the wedding celebrations of our sweet cousin, Brittany.  
She is a pro at putting together a lovely and economic party, and was so gracious to let the ladies in our family be part of it all.  Here's a peek at the shower we planned:

Wedding Day!

 Mia was ecstatic about being present for "Bit-me's" wedding and grinned her heart out--  except for the duration of three major tantrums she flung over Mom's imposed clothing choice.  When she realized where we were, she was furious to be wearing a pink dress that "doesn't spin."  She associates the temple with white dresses.  She screamed, "I want to look so pretty in my white dress like Bit-me!!"  ...yikes.

Our darling Brittany bride & new husband, Bradley, with the fam:

The reception was carnival themed with a lemonade stand, candy bar, brown paper bags of popcorn, and fun, fair-like games for kiddos. June has learned that eyeballing the path of approach from food source to mouth usually yields a reward.  Mia had an overwhelming sugar-high by the end of the night which exaggerated all underlying toddler tendencies.  
I developed a broad spectrum sound mask that evening...otherwise known as extreme selective hearing.

June and Aunt Lexi:

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