Wednesday, September 26, 2012

June's Top 10


This sweet disposition combined with this darling age makes for easy smiles and arm flapping.
We wholly abuse this fact!

While taking inventory of my mom's Halloween costume stash, June got involved...  
She looked like an American Girl doll.  
It was a little creepy and Mia didn't like it, but I was in tears--so funny!

June prefers to feed herself.  She stubbornly seals her lips to adult-powered spoon feeding. 
It makes things complicated for mom, but her manual dexterity is highly advanced from all the exercise!

Whew! Too much hand to mouth exertion.

Mia always feels very protective of June while at her frequent check-ups.  
This one was her first blood draw--  June was way tougher during the process than Mom and sis.


Mia has a fetish with comparing feet.  She often expresses her pleasure over matching her
"brown-skin-chocolate" with June's "brown-skin-chocolate."  It makes mom happy too.


June was born with much more hair than she has now.  Her head has grown, but her hair has not.  It is a new experience for us to deal with baby baldness.  (Mia's hair was visible in her ultrasound picture.) We didn't have a sun hat in this circumstance, but as always,
June was obliging and wore Mom's sweatshirt instead. 

June has graduated to sitting in the BOB like a real more carseat modification = much more to see!

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