Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Honkin'

The words "haunted" and "haunting" are not a part of Mia's vocabulary.  
Instead she refers to scary displays as "honkin" houses."  

One such display at Home Depot had a life-size goblin or something.  Mia spotted it the instant we entered the store and Mia had been dead-set against venturing within a 50 yard radius.  David figured by the end of the trip that it was time for Mia to face her fears...get up-close-and-personal with the display in order to realize that it isn't real.  Mom tried in vain to convince determined Dad that "she will have nightmares!  she is only three!," but a whimpering Mia was wheeled deliberately toward the goblin.  
Upon arrival the previously stagnant goblin leaned forward, reached out a hand, and cackled.  
Mia did a full fledged backflip out of the cart onto the concrete floor and proceeded to SCREAM her heart out until we had made it to the car.  Needless to say, we provided a good show for the onlookers. 

Here is a much less spooked-out pair (well, June is a little spooked by her new, rounder shape), pausing on our way to the local library's Halloween activities.

Our flapper girl's elementary rendition of the Charleston:

Well, trick-or-treating last night was a failure.  Mia spent a day full of practicing her "TRICKOTWEET"s and "thank you's" and "I'm a flapper" phrases, but horror set in as we neared the "honkin'" neighborhood (we have to travel into town for Halloween-participating neighborhoods);  Mia became mute and rigid.  Her friends were sweet to try and include her,  but as far as she was concerned,
those bodies in the masks and hoods were NOT any friends of hers!
And apparently there is something terrifying about receiving free hand-outs:

June, however, had a fabulous time.
She even had an encouraging ring of cheering audience around her as she wiggled her body with all her might to Cotton-Eyed Joe at the church party.

This photo is for sentimentality.  We took one three years ago in the same spot with a different pumpkin:

David and I got into it too.  David even wore eyeliner (after some feigned hesitation).
We each won our respective gender's doughnut-eating contest at our friend's Halloween Party.

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