Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thankful 2012

We had a glorious Thanksgiving Day.

It began with a Turkey Trot with friends and some pre-trot victory dances.  David and I were on competing relay teams--  I am pretty sure David won the dance competition simply because of the subtle moves he was daring to pull in his stretchy pants (which may be difficult to see on this low-quality, cell phone recording).
At least you can hear the featured song..."Do the gobble."

Time to eat!  We like to mix up the traditional menu a bit as an excuse to try out new recipes.  This year's huge hit: Gma K's Corn Bread Stuffing.  It had turkey sausage, apricots, cranberries, lots of crunchy veggies, and fresh herbs.  I probably ate five pounds.

More removal from pie here...just Gingerbread Trifle and Pumpkin Brule.  

And after three rounds of food, the day was complete with some board games to burn it off.  Mia's fave?  Pretty, Pretty Princess with her aunts.

We are richly blessed!

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