Monday, June 24, 2013

June's Top Ten

We are having such a fun time watching June become more and more aware of the world around her.
She is probably sick of us raving about her sweetness, but that description just about sums her up.  She is incredibly tolerant and just everso sweet.  We can't get over her!


June has begun to show an interest in beauty enhancement
(i.e. orange-scented nail polish and lipstick when Mom's purse is left within reach).

This lovely girl is ever-so-willing to be dressed up.
Fine motor skills are fine-tuning!

We're more than certain now that June was sent to the right family. 
She is a girl who prefers the outdoors and is enthusiastic about all the joys it affords! 
We can turn a grumpy baby into a smiling one with just a little sunshine--It works every time.

A sandy sandwich never hurt anyone...until it's diaper-changing time. Poor bum.


We've also learned that she can recognize tasty things while still in their packaging... 
This theft occurred while Mom & Mia were still carrying in the groceries.  
I'm pretty sure every baby goes through a shoe fascination phase, but it's still funny!

June's first sailing experience:

We discovered this fun ice cream truck at a new trail's ribbon-cutting ceremony.
Again, June knew that yummy things were associated and Mom just couldn't deny her a scoop!

This girl is a lover, through and through.  Nothing soft can get by her without a squeeze...
...including her own, squishy tummy!

June is on the verge of holding her own with the big girls. 
It is delightful to watch her sociality develop!

Perhaps it's by virtue of being a second child and listening to Mom gabbing at Mia all the day long that June is rather verbal. As an SLP student, I feel super conscious of these girls' communication skills, and I'm constantly fascinated by the phenomenon of language accquision. Although June has a relatively giant vocabulary on her own accord, I can't get enough of the sweet things she will say on-demand for me. She has the most lovely, sing-song voice!

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