Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mia's Top Ten

Hiking machine:
This outcroping is Mia's self-designated "climbing rock."  She scrambles up this thing in seconds and gives Mom heart palpitations as she deftly nagivates her way back down.   It's higher than it looks in this photo! 

Although Mom owns and uses very little make-up (a years-old tube of mascara and a few lipsticks), Mia locates and applies with every chance she gets!  I am running out of hiding places.
Here is the product of one expert application that I found behind a locked bathroom door.  I was not the only one impressed with her smudge-free skills.  While lecturing her on "We don't lock mommy out," and "We ask before we use mommy's things,"  Mia was busy admiring beautiful self in the mirror...and saying so!

Garden helper:

Mia met a couple two-wheeled milestones this month!
It is not an easy task when we live on a gravel road...each attempt had to be off-site,
but we discovered immediate success and a new energy outlet!

We were especially excited when we took Mia on a family bike-ride around the lake just days after her two-wheel debut.  She rode 9 miles and cried at the end.  She didn't want to stop!  Her wheels are maybe 8" in diameter, and she maintained pace with the rest of us-- 
her little legs doing hundreds of rotations per minute!
Look at the new sandbox toy Mia discovered (!)-- Dad's Argentinian machete.  Mom fail. 

Mia is crazy about the bridal veil (and dress) in Gma K's dress-up box.  I don't think I've seen her wearing a normal outfit while visiting for the last six months.

She has been trying to duplicate the veil effect at home...
Children's museum with friend, Aaliyah:
Some more firsts...
First successful TJ's shopping run with the "little cart."  All the other times have been disasterous.  She is taste testing some Machengo cheese. 

First time speaking in Primary.  I have never seen her so still and quiet as when waiting for her turn!
This one is a second.  Second innovative attempt to access the trampoline (first time here).  She made a special trip around the yard to collect rocks and swap each one out for a new one when it didn't elevate her to the desired height.

Always anxious to experiment with a new hairstyle!  She is partial to the "Cousin It" look for Gma R.

I wish I could flaunt my wardrobe with this level of confidence.  Mia has a very particular style.  It has codes and faux-pas, but I haven't figured out the pattern just yet.  I have decided that when we don't have to make a public appearance, she can have free reign. 
I'm learning to be choosy about my battles, and the clothing issue is one I can live without. 
Gma R took Mia on a very exclusive three-day trip to a mountain lake last week.  As much as Mom was anticipating the break and the fabulous experience she knew Mia would have, it was a torturous three days.  Since she and Grandma didn't have cell service most of the time, Mom had lots of no-contact time to conjure up some pretty tragic scenarios--  bear attacks, drownings, slips down a crevasse. Not surprisingly, however, Mia arrived home safe & sound and full of stories to relate,
and not having missed us one bit!
Uncle Mike, who is an expert fisherman, gave Mia her premier fishing experience.
She relayed the iconic fisher's tale full of vague trophy sizes.
Uncle John hiked Mia for four hours to the top of this mountain.
He reports that she was determined to reach the summit when presented
with the opportunity to go back.  We are proud!


Katie Chandler said...

She is SO smart!

Britt and Brad said...

You are raising such an adventureous, sweet little girl! The bike video had me very impressed- legs going a million miles a minute for 9 miles! SO awesome! Love her milestones :) Thank you for sharing!