Saturday, December 28, 2013

Living with Kids

We were privileged, this past September, to be featured on DesignMom (my fave) for her "Living with Kids" series.  Most of the homes featured on it are so lovely and created by actual designers-- ours obviously isn't of the same caliber, but it's unique in that we were able to build it for low cost during our intersection in our lives, and still have a high-quality of living here.  We never want to leave!

Read about it here:

Gabrielle (DesignMom) chose pictures particular to the interest of her readers, but here are some of the extras from the shoot:

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Eliza said...

My husband and I are trying to find house plans that are simple and small - looking for something that suits us in a crazy expensive market. I remember looking at your house on Design Mom and thinking it was perfect (but hard to find when searching through her archives for you! But I found it!!) anyways, i wonder how you feel about sharing your actual house plans, or more about your planning process?