Sunday, January 5, 2014

-isms of 2013

I have tried to keep track of the silly things that our girls say, but often tell myself, "I need to write that down..." and subsequently forget.  Here is a list of the Mia-isms and a few June-isms (spoken language is a relatively new development) from 2013 in order of occurrence: 


After seeing a picture of mom & dad Running in Arizona- "you were running and Mia & June were eating corn-corns." (Kumquats)

Taking inventory of the three girls in the car- "we are all so beautiful. But not daddy. He's not pretty. He's a boy."

While reading a book where one matches an animal with the movement it makes, we had decided that a "caterpillar climbs". Mia said, "and a caterpillar flies too because it's a butterfly." Smarty! When we were deciding what a beetle does, Mom passed the word "swim" but Mia stopped me. "He swims when I put him in the toilet."

After seeing a Base jumping video on YouTube- " I want to do the jumping off the rocks all day long"

"lips"=chapstick, lip gloss, etc.

After finding the b-room door locked with Mia inside...and knocking til it opened:
"You do not lock mommy out of the b-room"
"But I needed some prisacies [privacy]!"
(Busying herself to look in the mirror and I notice that she has applied mascara...perfectly. Better than I can).
"I see you got into mommy's makeup"
"I look so beautiful."
"You are not allowed to get into my makeup without asking."
"What do you see?"
"You put my mascara on without asking."
"I don't see any. [I mean] it's not all over the place!"
In other words... Shouldn't I be awarded for my application skill?!

Mia said to mom, "we are matchers. you have brownskin chocolate freckles but not brownskin chocolate skin."

"I'm a bad guy to mommy."
"No you aren't. You are just learning how to be a listener."
"Well, I'm a bad guy to June and a good guy to you."

To Mom and Dad-"You are not special because you don't have brown skin chocolate. If someone is brownskin chocolate they are only special."

-What is your favorite food?
-White sauce (pointing to the salt).
-You mean salt?
-Yes, white salt is my favorite and tomatoes.

Mia really quiet in back seat:
-what are you thinking about Mia?
-I'm thinking about naughty things.
-what naughty things?
-ALL the naughty things.

Mia said that when her Bunny's last surviving ear falls off, he will become a boy.

"I'm hiding 'cause I don't want to smell your gum."

After helping to assemble our new picnic table in the back yard, Mia announced, 
"now we have an outside chicken!" Chicken=kitchen

Identifying herself: "I'm a hair girl and I look at pictures and videos on somebody's phone."

At REI: "I can get a bike because I don't poop or scratch my bum. I don't do things like that."

-can I watch Mermaid at gma k's house?
Mom: it's Sunday and Mermaid doesn't remind us of Jesus
-Oh! The daddy has a beard like Jesus! It's okay!

After asking what an astronaut is, Mia said, "oh! I wish I could do that!"

While dragging the garbage can down the driveway (one of her first times on her own) Mia shouts, "mom, do I look like a woman?!"

On the way to watch the magician at the library... "You and June can stay home. The guy will take really good care of me." Yikes!

Helping mom pick out an outfit (for mom):
"Hmm. Okay (in a patronizing voice), I will be your tiny mommy because I'm tiny."

"Plants like to drink orange juice and rain."

The Grouchy Lady Bug by Eric Carle is Mia's recent favorite. She calls it "The Grunchy, Grunchy Lady Bug."

While swimming in the lake, Mia moves up to Daddy with one hand in the air and tries to push him over with the other one. "Let's play baptized Daddy. I'm going to Baptize you!"

Looking at an ant hill..."oh how I love the antses!"

dad was speaking Spanish to himself while planting some lavenders. "Dad, the plants don't spanish Spanish."

After dad squeezed Junes belly and caused her to produced some noisy gas, Mia declared, "June had a bum burp!"

After having some assistance pottying outside and making quite a scene, Mia exclaimed, "that. Was. Amazing!"

"My friend Brody said 'you have a nice hair' and I said, 'it's a four ponies.' And then I said again, 'my mommy made them.'"

Dad said to Mom: "You know what I'd really like for Christmas if we had the resources?"
Mia interjected: "What is it? Footie jammies?"

In reference to the Grinch at the CDL Christmas cruise, and through tears: "He is NOT my favorite crunchy guy!"

"Junie, I'm gonna take you to Panda Bear and take you in the wagon.  I'm not gonna go on the road- We will go on the walk-side!  We will go to Albertson's and then go to Panda Bear. I'm being the mommy."

(Examples of random, semi-obnoxious commenting stage)
Mom-  "Wow, Mia! You worked hard on those puzzles!  Great job!"
Mia- " are just a wiseman that they saw!"
Mom- ???

Hand over mouth and wide-eyed: "He just said the password" (Mia's key term for "naughty words"- hate, stupid, etc.) Now times this phrase by a million and you will have Mia's weekly dialogue.

-Daddy, push your tummy out like a baby.
-Just try.

"Small-eh-show" = Marshmallow


After bumping her head, pats it and attempts to say "tough cookie" -15mos.

June blew us away today when I was counting the 12 girls in the Madeline book. I began counting, "one" and June said "two!" Then I said "three" and she said "four" and so on until 10!!! I have never directly taught her this and have no idea where she picked it up at this age! -18 mos

While snuggling June before her nap, she grabbed my chin and said, "chin up!" She had seen me do that to David a week earlier when he was being grumpy! -18mos

June has the SWEETEST singing voice and is quick to sing along anything... particularly primary song as she falls asleep. I Am a Child of God is a favorite. -20mos

June's language is very advanced with three word utterances, regular past tense, -ing, and huge variety of vocab-20mos

June has always been compassionate. She will stop crying of someone else is crying in order to comfort them. Mia has a cold right now, and every time Mia coughs, June asks, "you okay?"  It melts my heart.

calls herself  "Doonie" (Junie) -20mos

While pretending to eat Junes cheeks for lunch, she stopped giggling and asked..."tasty?"-21mos

In the possessive stage.  We often hear, "No, Mia, that MINES!"

June enjoys the novelty of finding things that are "hiding" and revels in the announcement, "Deh it is!"

June is a picky eater, but is extra polite about it and declines with a "No Kank-oo!"

Animal Sounds- 19 mos.

Body Parts-21 mos.

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t.t.turner said...

I loved reading through these! Those girls are so much fun. I think the Little Mermaid comment is my very favorite.