Sunday, February 14, 2010


We've got teeth! Follow the green arrow that actually looks like a green toothpick if you can't locate them.

Mia is often getting herself into precarious situations in order to entertain her mom and break up the ennui of everyday tasks (like laundry).

Here is one of our weekly post-church photos. She looks especially beautiful in tropical colors. We are excited to ditch the pantyhose soon! They don't make for pleasant diaper changes.

Mia is mesmerized by Gma K's Valentine's gift despite its increasing appeasement to gravity.
*Please don't make fun of my homevideo voice in the following clips (or any). I know it's bad and I'm self-conscious about it*
She enjoys playing a modified version of peek-a-boo where eye contact must be maintained. We
think it's really sweet.

Aaaand she has finally decided to retire from her rolling/pivoting mode of trasport.

Thank you for indulging our obsession with Mia's milestones.

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