Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Mia is getting old. Can I still answer in fractions (11 & 1/2 mos., for example) when asked how old she is? She is certainly developing her preferences. It's so fun to watch her become a woman with opinions!
She loves to rock her "baby" and "sing" to her (it sounds like a Native American chant) as she, not so gently, pats her on the head and caresses (or pokes) her eyelashes. I actually got this doll when I was ten. I remember wanting the doll with the pretty dark skin and my mom thought it was funny. Perhaps a prophetic intuition?

Mia really likes the way she looks in these sunglasses. I have never seen such vanity as when she first spotted herself in the mirror with these ultra-cool pink shades.

We love our sweet girl!


Devanie said...

she looks as cute as ever! What a little diva in her pink shades!

Anne McDonough said...

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