Monday, September 6, 2010


We are proud of the Dad! He is tough. During his 100 mile race, for which he was WELL prepared, he got lost...around mile 11pm...somewhere in the below 40 degree weather...wearing his skimpy (and sweaty) running shorts...and got hypothermia.
David isn't very keen on revisiting last weekend's adventure, but I'd say 7/10's is a hefty enough ratio that it deserves some credit!

Can you spot David in the starting line crowd?

Here he is at mile 33- smiling and happy! At this point, he was in 29th place (out of 132 runners). By the time he took the wrong turn, he had scurried his way up to 18th.

Mia was so patient waiting with me at the aid station for the Dad at 1 am in the cold, dark, forest. This is right before we started to get nervous and realize that something was wrong!

We are glad to have rescued you from the wrath of the mountains, Dad! Prepare for this vengefully returning racer next year, Cascade Crest! He is not going home again without a belt buckle.

(Outside of The Yellow Church Cafe in Ellensburg- our yummy pit stop. Beware of their "Heavenly Loaf" which will surely drag it's consumer down to a 3,000 calorie hell).


Parker and Alexis said...

I love the sweet picture of Mia squeezing daddy!

Halsey said...

Love the comment on the yellow church pit stop. Ha!