Saturday, September 18, 2010

C'mon Down to the County Fair!

Each year, the week after Labor Day, we get to enjoy the county fair. It is a fun tradition and always thoroughly entertaining.

Our favorite part: the animals...the kind that live in a barn (not to be confused with fellow fair-goers who tend to engage in barn-like activities...they are not as kind to the camera as this pig). What a cutie!

We are in love with the sweet Nubian goats and dream about the day when we can justify this hobby farm addition. I have romantic ideas of homemade goat cheese and goats' milk ice cream.

This was one mad mama cow. She kept threatening the little kids. She was surprisingly deft with that left horn. It could quickly find its way through the gate and only few inches from one's face!

Because Mia's hair gave her some height, we were able to sneak her onto the merry-go-round without any notice. She wasn't quite sure how to feel about it.
She was not shy, however, about letting us and everyone within a 40 ft. radius know when it was TIME to go. Poor grandpa is probably a few years closer to hearing loss.
One can always count on a cultural experience while attending the fair. Odds are, you may even be graced with a piece (or two) of exquisite decor on the neighboring vehicle and thus return home with an enlightened mind.


emily and logan said...

ooooh the fair. i LOVE those goats! adorable.

Marc and Megan said...

I just thought I'd let you know how much I've enjoyed reading your blog. Your little Mia is so adorable!