Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oktoberfest and a Live Baton

Last weekend, David condescended to the realm of mere mortals by running a marathon relay with me. It was a difficult but BEAUTIFUL course in the Leavenworth cascades. Thanks to his quick pace, we won! The unclaimed prize: an Oktoberfest 2010 beer mug. Yay.

I always look so lovely in my race photos. The chunk of hair on my left side gives me a striking resemblance to my dog when she runs.
Woohoo! Our finish time...comical for David, but exciting for me!
Our future runner testing out the course:
Mia was our real-live baton on wheels. Non-runner passed her off to finishing runner. It was wonderful to have her sweet face waiting there for me!

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emily and logan said...

i've always wanted an oktoberfest beer mug! c'mon ash! why the sarcasm!? :)