Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mo. 23 & Printemps

We are at the end of counting Mia'a age in months and we can no longer contain her babiness with our sneaky vocabulary. In Mia's 23rd month, we are also coercing spring-time into sticking around by taking advantage of every moment it timidly shows up:
like squishing our toes in the garden soil...
...performing gratitude dances for the sunshine god...
....and just filling every second of friendly weather with outdoor activity.
Since most of this spring has been cold and rainy, however,
our Easter egg hunts have either been indoors...
...or shrouded in snow attire.
This month included some other exciting landmarks:
-the fact that I can nearly tame all of Mia's toddler fuzz into one, solitary puff
-my second official mother's day
(a holiday which speedily swung from painful to sweet once Mia finally decided to join us)
-an increase in Mia's already established accessorizing abilities
-reaching our peak imagination skills as we relax in the relative location of our future living room
-the transferring of laundry duty
AND best of all:
-the matching up of cousin T's surname with the rest of ours
(and prepping for his family's sealing!)

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Parker and Alexis said...

I love Mia's classy bow in the mothers day pic. So sweet!