Sunday, May 22, 2011

Winderthon III

Last week was our third annual Windermere Marathon (& half). We have slowly recruited more and more members of the R family to participate, and about 25% of our stake members are regulars, so it's more of a sweaty social event than anything else.

Although I am not (and never have been) an especially competitive athlete, I was pleased to have shaved a few minutes off my normal time. Here I am nearing the finish line & feeling grateful for encouragement from sideline cheerleaders (particularly for enthusiastic clapping from the random man in the green shirt).

As always, David was one of the top finishers in the full marathon.
Unlike my own self-preservation method, he believes in sacrificing everything he's got
(including his hair and most of his clothing).

Mia quickly arrived on scene to save the day.

My sweet SIL, Lexi, ran her first half and also proved to be a most enjoyable running partner. Joe was her support at the finish line because he didn't want to reveal the secret techniques that he'll debut in July's 50 miler, an the subsequent 100.

David's other runner brother and trail connoisseur, John:

Here is our matriarch marathoner finishing first in her age group!
Mia's little body can be spotted scrambling behind Gma's finish:

*SIL, Carrie, and almost SIL, Elena, also raced,
but they were a little too elusive for my camera to catch.*

...And thus commences our (mostly David's) 2011 racing season!

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Lou said...

how fun!! I wish i could run marathons and not die!! I swear mia is just the cutest!