Monday, May 30, 2011


Saturday was payday.

We got to witness the most rewarding sealing that I could ever imagine up
and revel in all the joy surrounding it.
To supplement the richness of the day,
Mia and I got the reward of donning the matchy dresses I sewed for the occasion,

and I personally got the reward of seeing my first multi-tiered cake come into
fruition & ingestion
(in spite of the all-too-realistic nightmares I had of it being mopped off the floor just minutes before the luncheon).
The fact that the Lilac City's lilacs finally decided to bloom is its own form of payment for the long winter we are just beginning to escape.

as I am often being reminded by an ever-patient Deity,
rewards, big & small, are so worth the wait.

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Joel Deehr said...

Awesome! So good to see Joe.