Monday, August 1, 2011

Harrison or Bust

Last weekend,  we set out for our first backpacking adventure avec bebe.  Although hauling people in addition to stuff prevents a light sprint up the mountain, camping is so much more fun with Mia! 
Woohoo!  We finally made it...just before sundown!

Mia snuggled dad in the mummy bag to keep warm.  He says that it wasn't his best night's sleep,
but apparently she wasn't affected by the tight quarters because, in the morning, 
she shifted right into exploration mode!

This is the best tooth-brushing spot on the planet!

Here we are hungry and obviously adjusting to the morning while we wait for our oatmeal to cook.
I lugged my 1400+ paged book to the top of the mountain.
Ididn't read one word of it, but Mia did! 

Here is nature's cleverly crafted dish-washing station.  

Mia was not happy to get back in the pack when it was time to hike out....

...but she quickly recovered.

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Halsey said...

Love the pic of daddy and mia in bed. Darling!