Tuesday, August 9, 2011

White River 50 Miler, Round Two

Now that David is such a seasoned ultra runner, the White River 50 miler (also the national championship race because of its challenging elevation gain) is just a typical part of our summer routine.  This time, however, we got the added bonus of family camaraderie: 
Mom R and three of the R brothers took it on and dominated!

The night before the race, we spent some time wandering around Mt. Rainier Nat'l Forest. 

While Mia was spoiled at Gma K's house, Izzy got to come and be our vicarious baby.  
She made herself at home at our beautiful campsite.

In contrast to the previous weekend's amenities, we slept in full luxury so that David could be on his game!  This is my kind of camping.

The White River, for which the race is named, ran right alongside our tent.  It looks like watered-down milk.

Joe and David playing a little pre-race Badminton: 

The race begins!  David likes to get right in there with the big boys.  Pretty much everyone in this photo finished in the top 10.
David zoomed right by us at mile 27.

Whew!  11 hours later, all three boys are in, alive, and smiling.  Leg functionality, however, is questionable. 

Here is our Mom R, chanting her multi-meaning mantra "MOMS NEVER QUIT," 
with only 1/4 of a mile to go.

It was a sweet reunion at the finish line!

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Pretty impressive!