Saturday, March 31, 2012

June's Top Seven: Some Big Stuff & Such from Seven Weeks of Life

I usually have a hard time narrowing my periodic photos down to ten per post, but since most of my photos of June feature a baby just lying in repose & looking sweet, I will spare any viewers the monotony and post seven instead.

Although she seems to be growing before our eyes, 
June is still petite enough to squeeze he diapered bum into Mia's doll's chair.

She is one modest baby.  June does NOT like bath-time or being nude in any sense.
Keep me cozy & bundled, please!

Sweet baby June patiently awaiting her finalization at he courthouse:

This baby (& family) is MINE, MINE, ALL MINE!

June wore the beautiful crocheted dress that my grandparents brought home from their mission in the Phillipines for my sister's blessing 14 years ago.  Mia wore it for all her special days too!

The blanket was crocheted for me as a baby by my Great-Gma Dorothy Pearl, 
and also Julianne Pearl's namesake. 

June's blessing was on beautiful, sunny day that we'd like to think was ordered just for her.  
During her blessing David had a similar experience to Mia's, in that he got to have and share a little glimpse into the kind of gal she is and will become.  What a treat for this Mama!


emily and logan said...

Ash, you look so pretty in these pics!!

JoelandDeborah said...

Such lovely pictures! You all four look so happy. Many hugs and prayers coming your way...

Halsey said...

I love the whole family together pics! They are hard to get and so precious.

Life Is What We Make It! said...

I am sooo happy everything is FINAL!!! I'm sure that takes a huge weight off your shoulders! You are so lucky that you have such a beautiful family!