Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mia's Top 10

A good thing about adoption is how often a girl can admit out-loud 
"I have the prettiest babes" 
without seeming personally vain.

After being inspired by Mary Poppin's skill with the measuring tape, Mia finds it intriguing to develop the skill herself.  Our dog or some grown-up's rear-end is usually her victim, and then subsequently declared to measure "One, Two, Ten, Seven, Four," but this time she is checking the work that Mom & Dad did after installing our new coat rack. 

Mia is manning the lump of dirt that she has named "Mia's Mountain."  No one else is allowed to loiter there without her permission.  To ensure adherence, she assigned each of us (including June) our own mountains around the yard. 

Reading to a very convinced June while sustaining a Janet Jackson-esque clothing defect:

Mia decided that the color pattern Mom had asked her to make at the bottom of this tower was over-rated and went for quantity instead of quality. 
This photo was taken just seconds before a most gratifying (to Mia) and destructive (to Mom) karate chop.

This is NOT a flattering photo, but it is important for the sake of documentation.  Some of our really valuable time with Dad is spent doing awkward core work-outs while he eats popcorn on the sofa.  We can hardly warrant a flabby middle with a personal trainer as patriarch.  At least Mia comes up with some good cheaters' positions when he isn't looking.

Mia's first birthday party attended:
You even get a sampling of Eastern Washington's fabulously diverse population!

Grating soap for laundry detergent.  She tried out lots of methods to land on what she deemed the most efficient (and messiest) technique.

Painting-  Rather than create a nice-looking piece of art, 
her goal is usually to saturate one area so much that the paper rips.   

On one of our shopping trips (I feel like we are part of a whole caravan each time we go to the store), 
Mia invented a more leisurely way to get around.  

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Halsey said...

You are the wittiest mom blogger I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. The pic of Mia reading to June is priceless. She is going to teach her everything she knows, after all.