Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spoiled, but Not Rotten

When Mia was born, were absolutely SHOWERED with love and support from countless sources.  The same thing has happened with June's arrival, if not to a greater degree, and despite the fact that she is our second girl!  

June's Party #1
Hosted by Nicole Gamble & Lisa Withers

Mia helped herself to the decor.

Sweet Lisa & June:

June's Party #2
Hosted by Sarah D'Hulst (also the girls' pediatrician) & lots of contributors

This sweet girl is one of my Primary kids and daughter of the hostess.  I had promised that she could hold June at the party, and she patiently awaited her baby time Sunday after tempting Sunday.

Friends Annie & Janelle admiring June's new crocheted hat & mary janes:

The fun cake that was especially appreciated by the kids in attendance:

June's Party #3
Hosted by Carrie Reese, Trudy Reese, & Lexi Reese

Here are my lovely Reese girls:

Mia has been pretty helpful when we are getting June primped for her events...

 ...and figured that her efforts warranted all the strawberry sneaking at the parties!

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Maura said...

So happy for your sweet family! You guys deserve all the "showering" and "spoiling" in the word.