Monday, December 10, 2012

Crocheting Hazards

Our Friday Fun night this week was spent in the ER after Mia impaled her face with Mom's crochet hook. I felt like CPS would be alerted all night when we were asked what had happened.  I've been trying to finish June's Christmas stocking in between daily activities...the project was thoughtlessly left out on sofa for easy 
access with hook hidden in yarn. Unfortunately, Mia frequently practices her gymnastics moves on said sofa.  We are grateful that the hook did not make contact one superior cm.  She would have been blinded!  Ugh. Yucky mom feeling (understatement). I have had some scary nightmares in the subsequent nights.

ER waiting room entertainment:

Pleased to have a new "bracelet" and binki liberties: 

Post-op photo and first encounter with scene of accident (she did her best to seem pitiful):  

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