Friday, December 21, 2012

Princess Tiiime

I have never been a big proponent of Disney princess frou-frou (we like Up, Mary Poppins, and tough girl movies like Pocohontas and Mulan), but as obnoxious as I find the "pining after a future prince" theme, my mom pointed out that encouraging princess-like behavior will work to our advantage. For the most part Disney princesses are kind, courageous, and occasionally smart (with the exception the 1950s-produced brainless "heroines"-  it's okay because I have red lips and sing well- in Sleeping Beauty and SnowWhite and "if I choose to abandon my family for the self-proclaimed love of a man I've never talked to, because, after all, I'm 16 years old and not a child, everything will turn out okay" in The Little Mermaid).

So, with this in mind, Gma K has taken it upon herself to supply Mia with princess attire and memorabilia (cups, tiaras, books, etc.), and, in culmination, took her to Disney on Ice last month. While we were getting Mia ready to go, I was blown away by way she "channeled" her usual energy.  She spent it all on her efforts to sit nicely, smile, and be charmingly sweet.  I think my mom is on to something!

Letting Mom attend to her toilet (regularly, Mia prefers to do this stuff herself):

sitting quietly and reading a little Beatrix Potter while waiting for her escort:

Mia had a lovely time at "Disney Princess" and mom gained some leverage. Win-win!

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