Monday, December 10, 2012

June's Top Ten

These Eskimo-esque cheeks are irresistible: 

Gpa R will do just about anything to get a reaction out of these babies, and now that June has grown into more than a squishy infant, she is a primary target.

Wagon ride in 33 degree weather:

This particular Sunday, June and Mom were donning our denim overkill:

Sweet, sweet girl...these beautiful dark eyes make me melt!

June has begun her furniture-assisted standing. It is currently the THRILL of her life.

Cruising around our regional (300 mile radius) Ikea.  
As much as we love this place, it is not always easy to pull off a smile after a thorough browse.


Some more of Dad's acrobatics on Gma K's freshly waxed linoleum.

and she still likes him after the trauma (mom's definition):


9 & 3/4
Visiting with Great G & G Heinz:

Although this girl seems more demure that her energetic and extroverted big sis, she has picked up some words pretty early (due to Mom & Mia's constant blabbing, do doubt).  Here is her running list:
"MMMMM-ah" (Mia)
Uh-Oh (like most babies, this is favorite after an intentional object dropping)
"Bee" (bink)
"Mo!" (more, please)
"Hi"* whispered

But best of all is her darling singing voice that chimes, without fail, during every occasion of
Angels We Have Heard on High:


And she is officially mobile!  I am not really excited about this for a variety of reasons: 
disintegrating babyhood, the perils of having two on the move, and the emergence of the human vacuum who seems to inhale particles not initially visible to the adult naked eye.

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L said...

June is a baby creme brulee...I could gobble her up in a second flat!!! So sorry about Mia's eye. Sending wishes for a speedy recovery :)