Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Centenial Titanic

In honor of the Titanic's 100th anniversary (of both birth & death), our friend Carol (who is quite the theme party virtuoso), held a commemorative and shockingly authentic dinner on April 14th.  Each of the guests was to come in the persona of an actual first class passenger from 1912.  Carol was kind in her assignments-- I think most of us felt flattered that we had been chosen to represent who we did.  
David was Thomas Andrews, the ship's architect/engineer who played a noble role in the movie and is known to have gone down with "his" ship, having been concerned only for the safety of others. 
I got to be the Countess of Rothes, who was apparently a woman who had "a lot to say" and was perhaps a little bossy, but with marked leadership abilities.  She organized and took control of one of the lifeboats, comforting and steering its occupants to safety.

Our meal (which was almost the EXACT menu that the first-class passengers would have eaten on the night the ship sank) had eleven courses (including truffle-inflused foie gras and caviar on blinis) with a different "wine" to go with each.  Even the shape of the butter and the soap in the powder room (not to mention the other countless array of details) were replicated for ultimate authenticity.

Here I am boarding the ship via the First Class Entrance just before signing the register and receiving my room key:

Mr. Andrews sampling the pre-voyage champagne:

The servants were well-practiced and performed their tasks appropriately (in my expert estimation)...

After dinner the men retired to the drawing room for some cards and "brandy,"

 while the ladies "smoked" (and subsequently ate their cigarettes) in the parlor.

'Twas a night to remember!

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Anonymous said...

That is so cool... and so much effort. What a great thing to be invited to participate.