Friday, May 4, 2012

Yakima Skyline 50k

We got to travel to Washington's sunny desert for this super challenging 50k which followed the rim above the Colombia River. The warmth was glorious, and so was the scenery!

David is always sure to be waaaay ahead of the pack at the start.
All the more seasoned racers just shake their heads...
until he finishes ahead of the pack (which he often does!).
This time, however, he had a nasty spill down a rocky precipice, and although he lived to tell at our meeting spot half-way, he was made to sit out the rest of the race from his injuries.

Mom R                                                        John (the official "sweeper")                         Joe (the untrained)

Take a look at the race course elevation...Yikes!

 Mia decided to chart a race on her own terms, and "fall down the hill" just like Dad.
This was the theme of nearly all Mia's conversations for the subsequent week.

 A more sober Mia waiting patiently to fulfill her water-bottle duty to Dad:

Even though it was a long day of sitting around for us on-lookers, that sunshine sure did us some good!

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