Tuesday, May 22, 2012

June's Top 10


This happens a lot...  
June is smiley & content, but when Mom starts chatting with her, Mia needs to get in on the baby talk & squishing action.  Smiley contentedness gets squelched by well-meaning big sis:

June has begun to mimic our expressions, but she exaggerated this one and kept it going for about 5 minutes!  Funny!

Embracing our appreciation for Eric Carle:

June's beautiful eyes disappear behind her enormous cheeks when she is especially happy
(i.e. flight lessons from Dad).

June & Mia, side-by-side, at 3 month mark (none of us look like we match, but we like the variety):




Here is June on her 100th day of life.  In Korea, this is a big deal because (based on my limited understanding) once babies had reached this mark (in many years past), their chance of survival seemed more sound and it was safe to celebrate their life!  Su explained that these 100 Day Parties are comparable to the baby showers that we have in our culture.   
At the parties, babies are often given the choice of different objects which may represent a particular personality trait in baby's future.  I realized after offering her some [rather rigged] choices, however, that June is not actually capable of making such decisions...
Perhaps Korean babies on native soil are more advanced. 


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