Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mia's Top 10



This photo is Dad's pride & joy:


Mia is keeps it classy while grooving on the chopping block her underwear and moon boots.

Since before Mia was born, I have wondered when she would begin to notice the difference in our coloring. We've talked about it a few times, but she had never seemed interested until this week.  While at the store, she noticed a girl who looked like she was from India and held out her arm, declaring, "I like pretty brown skin too!"  I was totally blown away that she had made that connection.  The next day she randomly pointed out that "Mom has white skin, Dad has white skin, AND Baby June has brown skin like Mia! We match!"  I have never called my skin "white," because I'd like to think that it is golden brown, so I was a little disappointed that she used that descriptor...  but I guess we haven't established colors beyond the tertiary level as of yet.  I was, again blown away by her observation about June-- and so, so pleased.
Here she is reading to the "brown" doll that I had chosen as an obviously prophetic 9-year-old.  

Measuring our garden boxes:

Cruising around with the valuables--  we have said "good bye" to the bink a number of times already, 
but it continues to reappear at the margins of bedtime.

Taking a casual scramble up a rock face while mom chats with some fellow hikers:

Having some laughs with some random swimmers (self-declared "Mia's Friends") on the Columbia River, dressed in no more than pull-ups and mud 
(after having waltzed, fully clothed, 
into the swiftly moving water to make their acquaintance while mom was looking the other way, yikes!).

Hard-working woman:

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emily and logan said...

River calls anyone who talks to him his "fwends". I love it. If Mia had called ME white, we all would have agreed with her! I think you're definitely golden brown, too, Ash. Don't worry. :)